Our mission

To sustainably alleviate pain, accelerate healing and enhance the quality of life for millions of orthopaedic patients around the world, through natural innovation

Our Story

We design and develop orthopaedic devices applicable in a wide range of clinical settings, through the sustainable cultivation of marine coral.

Sustainability is in our D.N.A and nature is our architect.


Our involvement with the EU Funded, Coral4Health project, promotes sustainable access and societal benefit from the natural resource of coral.

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Ár Misean

Chun pian a mhaolú go hinbhuanaithe,  ‘biseach a dheifriú’ agus cáilíocht na beatha a fheabhsú do na milliúin othar ortaipéideach ar fud an domhain, trí nuálaíocht nádúrtha.

Deep Craft In Coral Biology

At Zoan BioMed we’re developing safe, naturally derived, osteogenic medical devices for cutting edge approaches in orthopaedic repair that will reshape the face of modern healthcare.

We are  developing a platform to make this natural resource available to improve the quality of life of countless patients without any detrimental impact on the environment.

The Zoan Advantage

Cultivating a natural alternative to animal, human or synthetic bone graft materials


Zoan BioMed has the ability to induce bone-forming cells in the grafting area to move across a scaffold and slowly replace it with new bone over time. Coral serves as a scaffold onto which bone cells (osteoblasts and osteoclasts) can attach, differentiate, communicate and proliferate


Zoan BioMed coral is not passive in the healing process, rather it brings nature’s blueprint for growth to traumatised bone. It is highly welcoming to healing stem cells and the bioactive surface helps (stimulates) them to form colonies, quickly.

Living Porosity

The coral design their scaffolds on the outside of their growing tissue. This means the scaffold has housed sensitive life before and as ZoanG03 quickly brings structure and healing to the wound.


Fully re-modelled by the body and replaced with healthy living bone.


Zoan BioMed has licensed CITES approved, fully traceable coral species which is grown and harvested in a highly controlled environment. This ensures access and societal gain to this natural resource, without threat to natural environments. (CITES: Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species).

Production Efficiency

Zoan BioMed has uniquely translated the natural assembly process of the coral to a manufacture process, operated through EN ISO 13485: 2016 medical devices. A uniquely scalable platform, derived from nature, offering exponential growth.

Zoan BioMed is supported by

Eu Bioeconomy And Blue Growth Strategies

Zoan BioMed coral bone graft material unlocks an oceanic resource that meets the EU Bioeconomy and Blue Growth strategic objectives of the responsible development with citizen sustainable consumption. Using only the purest Atlantic seawater to cultivate a proprietary and fully licensed species of coral, we are inspired by nature without endangering the natural ecosystem.


(Pictured: Lough Inagh, Connermara, Co. Galway, Ireland)

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