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An Luslann, Kylebroughlan, Moycullen, Co Galway


With the contribution of the European Maritime and
Fisheries Fund of the European Union

In the 1970s coral was heralded as a breakthrough biomaterial for orthopaedic advancement

Multiple applications were explored and commercialised, informed by the cell friendly topography and composition which had been designed and built in nature.

Wild coral supply for health care applications is now terminal as coral reefs come under sustained environmental pressure with the ecosystems considered endangered.

Our sustainable platform ensures access and societal gain to this natural resource, without threat to endangered natural ecosystems.
Impact of bleaching on the Great Barrier Reef in 2015/16 with a loss of ca 1 bn corals.

Through this EU funded project Zoan is committed to reducing the impact of infection and lowering costs in orthopaedics, specialising in effective, naturally-assembled orthobiologic devices.

Confocal image of Zoan’s natural biomaterial
where human stem cells are uniform, aligned and communal

Activities over the 24 month duration of the project include:

  • WP1 Project Management
  • WP2 Implementation of a Quality Management System for biomaterial production
  • WP3 Post Harvest Process optimisation
  • WP4 Scaling up Manufacturing Facilities
  • WP5 Business Advancement
  • WP6 Communication, Dissemination

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