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One of nature’s great gifts is that coral naturally build their scaffolds to a blueprint of human bone.

The coral’s architecture is designed around their living tissue, making the scaffolds ideal as bone graft material, stimulating patients’ own cells to colonise and remodel. Tropical marine coral harvest the minerals and salts needed for construction from their surrounding waters – a natural assembly process that results in bioactivity with integral strength and purity.

Zoan BioMed has harnessed this Natural Assembly Process, and translated it into a sustainable production facility. We grow our Coral in pristine conditions, operated to EN ISO 134845: 2016, ensuring safety and efficacy. The scaffolds are harvested and refined into granules, which on their own, or in more complex formulations, can be implanted to the trauma site by the surgeon. This work has been supported by the EU EMFF, under the Coral4Helath project, enabling Zoan BioMed’s quest to revolutionise orthopaedics.


Bone Graft Substitute for trauma applications, bioactive, safe, effective

ZoanG03 is a bioactive bone healing device. The corals’ Natural Assembly Process ensures every surface, every pore and every mineral contribute to building a living scaffold. Superior bioactivity stimulates speedy and complete acceptance by the patient leading to accelerated rates of healing. Manufacture of ZoanG03, a bioactive granule for bone healing and repair commences Q1 2021, supported by the EU EMMF, Coral4Health project.


A new standard of care in the fight against infection in the bone

Naturally delivering antibiotic at point-of-care. An elution delivery device to treat the devastating disease of osteomyelitis or infection in the bone and then supporting healing as a scaffold.


Unique formulation putty for the treatment of oeteoporotic fractures

A cancellous coral bone-putty for superior osteoporotic fracture repair. Advanced healing combination of granule size, remodelling rate and interconnected porosity


Disrupting Spinal Fusion

In our Living Library we culture a coral with unrivalled compressive strength amongst available bone grafts. Bioactivity of this device is further enhanced by an internal structure built for flow, keeping a healthy supply of blood rich oxygen to the body’s healing stem cells.

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