Our Sustainability Model

As a Med Tech company that aims to improve people’s health, we recognise the need to preserve a healthy environment. The link between human and environmental health is well established: the WHO states that one in four premature deaths is related to environmental issues caused by humans and the World Bank acknowledges that sustainable management of the environment and natural resources is vital for economic growth and human well-being. 

Sustainability in business means to do business without negatively impacting the environment, community, or society. We have developed our business to have minimal impact on the environment and outside of the Med Tech sector we have plans to positively impact the health of our oceans with our coral reef research. 

We operate under five main themes: natural resource conservation, short supply chain, sustainable site, operational efficiency and sustainable product design.

Zoan’s sustainability story is one that runs through every part of the business from site management, production and manufacturing processes and ordering procedures, energy efficiency, waste management and plans for scaling.

Natural Resource Conservation

  • We never harvest wild coral 1
  • Biobank of corals onsite
  • Zero impact on local ecology
  • Zero hazardous waste site
  • R&D for reef conservation

Short Supply Chain

  • 100% manufacturing in-house 2
  • Raw materials bulk ordered to reduce travel miles 3
  • Local Atlantic seawater 4
  • Considered supplier selection

Sustainable Site

  • Re-purposed salmon hatchery – no new building 5
  • Zero waste goal
  • Compost waste onsite 6
  • Bee friendly landscaping 7
  • Local employment in Connemara 8
  • No unnecessary single use plastic
  • Renewable energy options as we scale 9

Operational Efficiency

  • Lighting – Low Energy Devices 10
  • Low voltage pumps – halved energy requirements over 3 years 11
  • Low temperature process
  • Semi-automated production
  • No single use processing parts

Sustainable Product

  • End-of-life G03: recyclable packaging and biodegradable granules 12
  • Working towards first carbon neutral bone graft 13
  • Better healing outcomes for patient

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